French winegrowers: Blistering heatwaves burnt our grapes to raisins :neko_cry:

French salt farmers : Higher temperature means higher production of salt. :neko_sunglasses:



We blundered in the last second, trying to flag each other just like anyone would do in bullet chess. I missed the two-move checkmate while making my quickest move; my opponent didn't even capture my knight but picked the nearest square to fit the rook on f file. That s/he made this move and won the game with 0.001 second left was the difference if you asked me. And that's pretty neat. :cwy:

Take care of yourself , and don't put yourself in danger. :neko_sad:

Meanwhile in Pamplona: running of the bulls is back! :neko_sunglasses:

Apartheid remains beneath the surface as long as corruption in the South African government continues. Naming it a crime helps only when judgment and punishment follow. Rarely do politicians, especially those who get used to manipulation, give up their privileges for being politically correct in the press. The same goes for the caste system, abolished yet deeply rooted in Indian tradition, invisibly restricting inter-caste marriage or employment priorities.



Is it just me, or has everyone's "toot!" button also been replaced by "Publish!"? Adopting a more formal word might have raised folks' awareness of where their threads are exposed when the setting is the default, making them think twice before sharing anything. Or that could have changed nothing, as someone like me usually don't give a damn about the charade. :tiredcat:

RT @Scott217
The successful ambush was led by Sgt. Meow.

Cured of the stomach flu that almost killed her, Natasha, a five-year-old macaque, started to walk on two legs at all times. This happy accident is supposed to be done by evolution that takes millions of years. I wonder how many millions of years her descendants will take to learn how to use tools. :neko_sweat:

Contract bridge is a weird game. Its basic rules can take a book with hundreds of pages to cover and weeks for adults to learn. Even if it was a popular game a century ago, fewer and fewer people are willing to play it now. This trend makes sense with the increasing number of more entertaining and easy-to-play alternatives. But with a small population of people playing bridge, it's just too bad for newcomers who have to learn the game themselves and play with bots.

Back in the days of absolutism in France, when King Louis XIV could raise taxes without consent, a festival held in Versailles in 1668 cost 150,000 pounds. If you were a peasant with an average income of 1.5 pounds per week during that era, you would need to work more than one thousand nine hundred seventeen years to pay for that bill of one-day expenditure. The slogan "taxation without representation is tyranny" still rings true.

I just came across a YouTube comment on a video about linguistic characteristics, mentioning that the word "go" doesn't exist in Russian. Being curious or satiric, someone replied, asking how to say "go to hell" in Russian then. "иди к чертy," answered The first commentator, and explained that it approximately meant "walk to hell."

For me, it sounds like a process that is too slow for the cursed person to notice how wrong the direction is.

Ever since I knew how to play online chess, I haven't resisted thinking that the shape of a 2D bishop piece is similar to a top-view cockroach especially when you rotate the piece 360 degrees. The mitre (bishop's hat) looks like the trunk of a cockroach while the bands are close to its antennas. To remove my doubt, I did an online similarity test for them. And it turns out their similarity is 23.95%. Well, at least I am more than 1/5 correct. :neko_sweat:

If I hadn't subconsciously thrown off the thin cotton blanket, which was supposedly covering my tummy for the whole night, I wouldn't have been shivering, dizzy, and feeling like vomiting on this unexpected chilly summer morning. :neko_ghost4:

The higher and warmer temperature at noon made me feel better but still far from at ease. Now I have to put on a sweater as it's raining outside, cooling the temperature again. :neko_tired:

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